Case Study

Rabobank Leverages TimeShiftX® for Migration and Testing of Loan Management System

Rabobank was undergoing an application migration for their Loan Management System, whilst also adding new functionality. Rabobank used TimeShiftX to test the full loan lifecycle and process flow. TimeShiftX enabled Rabobank to ensure full system functionality post migration and to efficiently time travel going forward.

date and time shift testing software Size: 61,100 employees
Country: Global
Industry: Banking
Rabobank Group is a full-range financial services provider and multinational bank that operates on cooperative principles and services 10 million customers in 47 countries. It is comprised of independent local Rabobanks plus Rabobank Nederland, their umbrella organization, and a number of specialist subsidiaries.

Business Needs

Rabobank offers an array of financial services and loan products globally for personal and commercial use. For their loan and mortgage products they use a web-based Loan Management System. This system was migrating off a legacy configuration to a new application stack. In addition, new software functionality and customization was added.

When the company or its licensed brokers issue a loan, their system allows the business to manage all functionality in the loan lifecycle, such as

  • Loan agreements
  • Interest Rates
  • Renewals
  • Installment Payments
  • Collections Management
  • Accrued Interest
  • Billing
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Broker Workflow
  • Risk Assessment

With the migration to a new platform, Rabobank required validation that the existing logic migrated correctly over. Furthermore, the newly added functionality needed to be exhaustively tested before being released live. Rabobank needed a time travel solution that would speed up validation and increase testing accuracy, especially during this critical migration.


The Rabobank migration and testing team needed a solution that was easy to integrate and allowed time travel for both the legacy and new application stacks. The team decided TimeShiftX was the best software on the market to meet their technical and critical testing requirements.

In the migration, both existing logic and new core functionality and web UI features were required to be validated from scratch. New test data was also needed to conduct full lifecycle scenarios for the loans and transactions. TimeShiftX gave testers the flexibility to time travel the entire application stack, create new test data, and run through the entire loan process until maturity. These simulations increased testing coverage and improved QA efficiency as every business rule was now able to be completely tested from every possibility.


By utilizing TimeShiftX, Rabobank was able to seamlessly time travel during and after the migration to validate all existing and new logic introduced to their system. This not only increased testing coverage but enabled a complete end-to-end lifecycle test to be done on their loan workflow.

Without TimeShiftX, the migration team would have needed to figure out how to efficiently create test data while testing a new architecture within a critical migration deadline. By implementing TimeShiftX, the migration and testing team was able to ensure the new application matched the previous application and that the new features operated without any issues, all within their go-live schedule.

Accelerated Development

The TimeShiftX solution allowed the QA team to instantaneously shift the entire application stack, from one click, without administrator involvement. This gave testers full control of their test cases and allowed them to expeditiously finish testing. This resulted in reducing the discovery, investigation, and resolution of bugs found throughout the new application, thus streamlining the validation and reducing the migration time.

Increased Testing Coverage & Efficiency

Rabobank’s updated Loan Management System included new functionality to handle advanced loan monitoring and reporting for brokers and clients as well with notification logic. These features and more increased the date dependencies throughout the loan lifecycle and the various output permutations. By employing instant time travel with TimeShiftX, Rabobank was able to run complex date simulations to test every major, minor, and edge cases. This ability increased testing coverage as the team could run through full end-to-end cycles and test every future and past stages. The secure and seamless time travel TimeShiftX provided Rabobank allowed them to increase testing coverage and improve overall team efficiency while meeting their migration and release schedule.

Total Application & Environment Compatibility

Because the migration involved different vendor platforms, the Rabobank team chose TimeShiftX to ensure complete compatibility for all their applications. TimeShiftX successfully synchronized and time travelled all applications, databases, and servers out of the box for both Rabobank’s application stacks.

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